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Get Your Practice Going with Google AdWords

It's the absolute best way to get new patients! Google Adwords plus Landing Pages deliver leads and sales instantly.


Work with an AdWord expert who is ranked in the top 3% of Google Adwords Partners globally. Our ranking is based on knowledge, service and most importantly results. We focus on dental practices with a local, regional or national customer base.

We’ll handle everything you need to maximize your AdWords spend. This includes planning, ad creation, monitoring, remarketing, and landing pages. Results are delivered once a month via Executive Summary reports.
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Just Some of The Things We do

 A lot goes on behind the scene when orchestrating an Adwords Campaign
Keyword research & generation
Select keyword match types +/-
Ad group generation
Ad copy created (2 per ad group to facilitate split testing)
Time of day targeting
Location targeting set
Device targeting
Call ext set up (click to call)
Site link extensions set up
Local extensions setup
Call out extensions set up
Structured Snippets ext set up
Conversion tracking set up
Ads driving to most relevant URL’s
Re-marketing for search
Bid Setups
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