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All-on-X Hybrid with Integrated Ti Bar



Dr. Dan Marinic

General Dentist
"AvaDent has taken All-on-X dentistry to the next level with their Monolithic Fixed Hybrid and Integrated Titanium Bar. I love any technology that improves the quality of care for my patients, while simultaneously making it more affordable for them to get treatment."  

Dr. Sundeep Rawal

"Our patients expect us to offer the most innovative and reliable therapies in dentistry today, and we exclusively use the AvaDent Monolithic Hybrid with Integrated Titanium Bar for our full-arch restorations. Their digital design is superior to a traditionally designed prosthesis because of the reduced margin of error and the elimination of most complications like pop-offs, delamination and fracturing."

Dr. Glenn Wolfinger

"I have used AvaDent™ digital denture products since 2014. Initially I started with removable complete dentures but soon after incorporated the technology into my implant treatment as well. The strength of the monolithic acrylic resin has reduced prosthetic complications, and the precision of the digital technology has greatly improved the quality of my patient care.”