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How Patient Accelerator Co-Marketing Works

AvaDent is doing our best to help our partner practices get a jump start  on their full-arch cases. No other lab in the world is implementing such a comprehensive program but we believe it is the right thing to do, especially in today's environment.


Our team takes care of the heavy lifting at no cost to you. We provide you with our AvaDentSmiles infomercial, website, territorial landing page, 3D patient education animations, virtual consultation training, virtual consultation software, initial "pre-qualification" patient consultation, streamlined "new patient" referral process, and follow-up survey with each patient to help improve your customer service and support. Get started with your free 1-hour consultation below.


You pay for the management of the campaigns and your advertising, that's it! We offer pre-negotiated discounted marketing services that include everything you need to get started. You receive content development, search engine optimization, creation of your AdWords and Facebook campaigns. Our team tracks and reports everything back to you. By doing this, we both understand the campaigns that generate the most revenue for your practice. In the end, all your new patients, found through our co-marketing, will have a beautiful AvaDent Digital Denture Smile.

Steps to Growth

We do most of the heavy lifting for you


The first step in benefiting from our co-marketing program is to become an AvaDent Partner Practice. It's easy to join and only $99/month. As a member you can save tens of thousands of dollars on your marketing and product purchases. 


Yes, it does take a little time to fill out the online form, but we can assure you that it will be well worth your effort. Our SVP of Marketing was the former VP of Practice Development for Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers and CEO of Practice Performance. For the past 15 years his passion in life has been to focus on dental implant and All-on-X marketing.


We have been building conversion based websites for nearly 20 years and have tested and optimized literally thousands of sites. There is a science to how people interact with a website. Correct design, structure and content increases conversion rates significantly. That's what we will build for you, with the additional geo-encoded location for your specific territory.


The most important question is not "Is my website ranking on Google?" The most important question is "Which keywords should my website target?" Similar to our Google Ads philosophy, there are specific “trigger words” people use to signal that they are looking for an immediate dental solution, and willing to buy now or very soon. Those specific keywords is what our sites focus on to rank high in an organic search result – or in the Google map.


When new patient prospects are looking for an immediate solution, i.e., when they're shopping, they use certain “trigger words” to signal their intent. We focus on those “shoppers” who are most likely to convert with an optimal Google Ads campaign. Our AdWord expert is ranked in the top 3% of Google Adwords Partners globally.


Through social media we are able to pinpoint your target audience by cross-matching certain logical attributes that identify likely new-patient opportunities. We monitor their activity on the website to determine their level of interest. Then was can re-market to them with more customized advertising. It's pretty cool!

Free AvaDentSmiles INFOMERCIAL

 Not only is a 28.5 minute infomercial not as expensive to run on TV as you would think, it's an incredible way to attract new patients. In most television markets you will spend $200 to $500 per show on cable TV. You can also use this for your AdWords and Facebook campaigns. No need to spend $100K on an infomercial when we have done it for you!


Through our advanced, proprietary Lead Tracking software, we have the ability to determine the source of every visitor and create custom profiles for each prospect. We can then track that person's activity throughout the entire relationship to determine effectively the ROI for your marketing budget. For example, you spent $30K on AdWords in Q1, which generated $90K in treatment revenue.


There has been a paradigm shift in managing patients. Case acceptance and virtual consultations are a game changing solution to your practice needs. We provide the software,  initial consultation and training on how to properly execute your virtual consultations. We have the ex-national sales trainer for Clear Choice influencing our team. Her HIPAA Compliant real-time video training is cutting edge.


Imagine buying the best prosthesis on the market. Now imagine paying less money for it with your marketing included for as long as you are advertising at an adequate level. AvaDent doesn't make a dime on the marketing but it's well worth the growth we see in our clients. As you grow we grow, it's a true win-win solution.